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third adj
1 coming next after the second and just before the fourth in position [syn: 3rd, tertiary]
2 being one of three equal parts; "a third share of the money" [syn: third(a)]


1 one of three equal parts of a divisible whole; "it contains approximately a third of the minimum daily requirement" [syn: one-third, tierce]
2 the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed near 3rd base; "he is playing third" [syn: third base]
3 following the second position in an ordering or series; "a distant third"; "he answered the first question willingly, the second reluctantly, and the third with resentment"
4 the musical interval between one note and another three notes away from it; "a simple harmony written in major thirds"
5 the third from the lowest forward ratio gear in the gear box of a motor vehicle; "you shouldn't try to start in third gear" [syn: third gear]
6 the base that must be touched third by a base runner in baseball; "he was cut down on a close play at third" [syn: third base] adv : in the third place; "third we must consider unemployment" [syn: thirdly]

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  • thû(r)d, /θɜː(r)d/, /T3:(r)d/
  • Rhymes: -ɜː(r)d


  1. The ordinal form of the cardinal number three; Coming after the second.
    The third tree from the left is my favorite.


3rd, 3rd; (in names of monarchs and popes) III


the ordinal form of the cardinal number three


third (plural: thirds)
  1. (not used in the plural) The person or thing in the third position.
    Jones came in third.
  2. One of three equal parts of a whole.
    He ate a third of the pie. Divided by two-thirds.
  3. (not used in the plural) The third gear of an engine.
    Now put it into third.
  4. An interval consisting of the first and third notes in a scale.
    They sing in thirds.
  5. third base
    The play ended with Jones standing on third.



person or thing in the third position
one of three equal parts of a whole
third gear
  • Czech: tercie

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Third is the ordinal number corresponding to 3 (number) and also the fraction \frac (or ⅓). It may also refer to:
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In literature:
  • A third child permitted only by a special sanction of the government in Ender's Game, and are referred to as "Thirds"
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consecutive intervals, degree, diapason, diatessaron, diatonic interval, diatonic semitone, divide in thirds, enharmonic diesis, enharmonic interval, fifth, fourth, half step, halftone, interval, irregular, less semitone, melodic interval, note, octave, parallel octaves, schlock, schmatte, second, semitone, seventh, sixth, step, tertiary, tierce, tone, trichotomize, trifurcate, unison interval, whole step
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